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The Hollywood Reporter: Chloë Grace Moretz, Dominic Sessa Join Amazon MGM Holiday Comedy ‘Oh. What. Fun.’ (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter: Chloë Grace Moretz, Dominic Sessa Join Amazon MGM Holiday Comedy ‘Oh. What. Fun.’ (Exclusive)

Michael Showalter, who is behind the studio’s upcoming romantic drama ‘The Idea of You,’ is directing, with Michelle Pfeiffer also starring.

Chloë Grace Moretz and Dominic Sessa are joining Michelle Pfeiffer for a little Christmas cheer.

The two actors will star alongside the screen icon in Oh. What. Fun., an Amazon MGM holiday comedy that hails from director Michael Showalter, who is behind the studio’s upcoming Anne Hathaway romantic drama The Idea of You.

Described as both a love letter to moms and tonally a cross between Home for the Holidays and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the story centers on a woman named Claire Clauster (Pfeiffer) who organizes a special Christmas outing, but her family forgets her in the shuffle. By the time they realize their mistake, she’s gone missing and their Christmas is in jeopardy. Luckily, nothing will stop Claire from giving her family the holiday they deserve.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Variety: Lupita Nyong’o, Chloe Grace Moretz to Play UFC Fighters in ‘Strawweight’ from ‘Hereditary’ Producers (EXCLUSIVE)

Oscar-winner and 2024 Berlinale jury president Lupita Nyong’o (“Black Panther,” “12 Years a Slave”) and Chloe Grace Moretz (“The Peripheral,” “The Miseducation of Cameron Post”) are set to enter the ring for the UFC-based mixed martial arts drama “Strawweight.”

The film — being launched at the European Film Market by WME Independent and CAA Media Finance — follows the journeys of two fighters who find themselves competing against each other in the Octagon. One is a young woman (Moretz) whose life is changed forever when she discovers her passion for the UFC, while the other is a former champion (Nyong’o) who is determined to reclaim her title by reinventing herself. Both want the same thing — respect — but only one can come out on top.

“Strawweight” will mark the feature directorial debut of James M. Johnston. A longtime collaborator of David Lowery, Johnston produced and directed second unit for “The Green Knight,” “The Old Man and the Gun” “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and the upcoming “Mother Mary” for A24 and is part of the Sailor Bear collective with Lowery and Toby Halbrooks. He also directed second unit for Disney’s “Peter Pan & Wendy” and Netflix’s “Last Letter From Your Lover.”

The “Strawweight” script was written by Paul Harrill from a story by Johnston and Harrill, and will be produced by Lars Knudsen of Square Peg (“Hereditary,” “The Northman,” “Dream Scenario”), Lowery and Halbrooks of Sailor Bear (“A Ghost Story,” “The Green Knight”), and Patrick Newall (“Extraction,” “The Gray Man”).

UFC superstar and former Strawweight Division champion Rose Namajunas will serve as a fight consultant and will also executive produce the film. WME Independent and CAA Media Finance will co-represent worldwide sales.

Nyong’o is repped by CAA and Del Shaw; Moretz is repped by CAA and Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern; Lars Knudsen, David Lowery, Toby Halbrooks, Patrick Newall are repped by WME. Namajunas is repped by SuckerPunch Entertainment. Harrill is repped by CAA and Echo Lake. Johnston is repped by WME and Frankfurt Kurt Klein & Selz.

Source: Variety

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WWD: Chloë Grace Moretz Talks Video Games and the Premiere of ‘Diablo Dungeon Crawl’

The actress discussed her love of video games and the debut episode of the new YouTube series “Diablo Dungeon Crawl” hosted by Khleo Thomas.

Chloë Grace Moretz has been acting since she was a child in films like “Big Momma’s House 2” and “The Amityville Horror.” While many of the Gen Z star’s fans truly grew up with her, what they might not know is that in addition to being a longtime actress, Moretz is a lover of video games.

With the launch of the new YouTube series “Diablo Dungeon Crawl,” fans now get a first-hand look at her video game skills. The new series, hosted by Khleo Thomas, will feature celebrities playing different games.

The first episode debuting on Monday features Moretz playing the recently launched “Diablo IV.” The actress will prove she’s no stranger to a game console.

“I grew up with four older brothers, and for me, video games were a way I could beat them without physically taking them on,” Moretz said. “Eventually I could beat my brother at any video game we played. It was how we found an even playing field as siblings.”

Moretz started playing video games on one of her brother’s GameCubes when she was just 4 years old. As she got older, she fell in love with PlayStation and PSP games. Some of her favorite video games growing up were “1080 Avalanche,” “GoldenEye 007” and “Mario Kart.” Later, she fell in love with big franchise video games like “Final Fantasy” and “Diablo.”

“I’ve been a longtime ‘Diablo’ fan, and it’s nice to have a new updated version of the video game,” Moretz said. “The graphics in the game are insane, and it’s so cool to have a new version with an updated storyline, seeing more depth of the characters and just getting to enjoy an awesome role-playing video game.”

The actress is also excited to be the first guest for “Diablo Dungeon Crawl.” “I already play video games with my friends and it’s an amazing way for us to keep in touch with each other, whether we’re doing a dungeon crawl or playing ‘Call of Duty,’ but this a new way to jump into an immersive world while playing ‘Diablo,’” she said.

Although Moretz has been in front of a camera most of her life, she said filming “Diablo Dungeon Crawl” was a unique experience, unlike anything she’d ever done before.

“Not a lot of people get to see my gamer side, so it was fun to just geek out,” Moretz said. “I loved getting to chat about all the reasons I love ‘Diablo IV.’ I was just there filming for a few hours and getting to play the game and I had so many amazing roleplay moments. At one point I forgot I was filming and was just open-mouthed and slack-jawed. I was so fully in the game I had to remind myself I was still on camera.”

She added, “Filming something like this was a very different experience from acting because with that I’m pretending to be someone else completely and I’m jumping into the skin of someone else. When you’re on camera as yourself it’s different and more vulnerable in a way because there isn’t a character I’m transforming into to hide behind.”

“It was great to game alongside Chloë,” Thomas said. “I’ve always known her as a gamer so getting the chance to jump into Sanctuary and play ‘Diablo IV’ together was amazing.”

Moretz revealed that her love of role-playing video games did help in the craft of acting. “Playing roleplaying video games and acting are two sides of the same coin,” she said. “For me, I always loved the role-play element of video games, getting into the mind of a character and becoming someone else.”

In addition to “Diablo Dungeon Crawl,” Moretz has a new animated Netflix film, “Nimona,” premiering on June 30. “The film has LGBTQ themes and is the perfect film to wrap up Pride Month,” Moretz said.

Source: WWD

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The Peripheral (Season 1) | Official Trailer #1

On October 21, the future holds the key to saving the past. Watch the Official Trailer for #ThePeripheral – streaming exclusively on #PrimeVideo.

The Peripheral (Season 1) | Teaser Trailer #1

Watch the teaser trailer for #ThePeripheral starring Chloë Grace Moretz – streaming exclusively on Prime Video October 21.

The Peripheral centers on Flynne Fisher, a woman trying to hold together the pieces of her broken family in a forgotten corner of tomorrow’s America. Flynne is smart, ambitious, and doomed. She has no future. Until the future comes calling for her. The Peripheral is master storyteller William Gibson’s dazzling, hallucinatory glimpse into the fate of mankind — and what lies beyond.

Flynne Fisher lives in the rural American South, working at the local 3D printing shop, while earning much needed extra money playing VR games for rich people. One night she dons a headset and finds herself in futuristic London—a sleek and mysterious world, alluringly different from her own hardscrabble existence.
But this isn’t like any game she’s ever played before: Flynne begins to realize it isn’t virtual reality… it’s real. Someone in London, seventy years in the future, has found a way to open a door to Flynne’s world. And as utterly beguiling as London is… it’s also dangerous. As Flynne searches to discover who has connected their worlds, and for what purpose, her presence here sets dangerous forces into motion…forces intent on destroying Flynne and her family in her own world.

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